Stormy Lukasavage

3 years in Kansas's foster care system

23 years old 


Stormy is a recent college graduate of Washburn University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Criminal Justice. 


Stormy entered the foster care system at the age of  15, and made his transitions through the system through various placements. Throughout that time, his friends were his biggest support system in helping him endure hardships he encountered in the system. Eventually he became president of his local state council after working on statewide initiatives. The tuition waiver and Senate Bill 23 are a couple initiatives he’s proud of. Stormy believes that education is the gateway to a better life because of his personal experience living in severe poverty.


A passionate traveler, animal lover, and nature enthusiast, Stormy strives to make the world a better place through local activism. Stormy interned at his local jail and worked with inmates on reducing recidivism through critical thinking. Stormy cites being an All-Star as a dream come true and is determined to improve education for foster youth throughout the nation. 


Finally, Stormy cites his time in the foster care system as being a lifesaver that gave him a second chance in life.