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Stephanie experienced 21 different homes placements between the ages of six and eighteen. Four of the homes were level twelve group homes, a high-risk leveled home. At the age of eighteen she was emancipated from the foster care system. Stephanie is now attending college and plans on getting her Masters Degree in Social Work. “Upon first entering the foster care system, I viewed it as enabling and negative. Upon emancipation, however, I have had an overall positive experience. I believe that half the battle while in foster care is staying positive. The Independent Living Program has provided me with free health care and assistance with schooling and employment.” Stephanie has had the chance to speak to other foster youth about her life at the Leaders in Life Conference, and she was also on the planning committee for that conference. After being born and raised in California, Stephanie has recently moved to Oklahoma. Since the move, she has been busy volunteering at food banks in the area. “In my free time I enjoy making memories with friends and family. I love going to church and surrounding myself with positive influences. I love theatre and performing, taking pictures, traveling and going on hiking trips. I enjoy dancing and listening to all sorts of music. I try to go swimming, running and bike riding as often as I can.”