Sommer-Rose Calsadillas

5 years in Washington’s Foster Care System

19 years old


Sommer-Rose experienced 1 year in California's foster care system and 5 years in the Washington state foster care system. For three years she was moved to 12 different placements. At the age of 16 years old she found her forever family, and with them, she spent almost 2 + years in extended care.

Her hobbies include cooking, yoga, writing, listening to podcasts, coloring, and singing/dancing to music. Her ideal comfort food would be potatoes or noodles. When she’s feeling really overwhelmed about life, she will find alone time to meditate and understand the bigger picture, or what she needs to cope with. However, when life is going well, she celebrates the good times by living in the moment-she likes taking the risks that are worth taking. Risks that are worth it to her look like unconditional love, uncomfortable conversations, and learning new things. Sommer-Rose’s dream job doesn’t conform to any exact occupation — she strives to make the world a better place. “It may sound cliché, but every inch of my being aches to do everything in my ability to inspire people, to take care of our universe.” Here are some following quotes and affirmations Sommer-Rose lives by:

“Prosperity flows to and through me.”

“I embrace the uniqueness of myself and others.”

“I am the master of my abundance.”

Sommer-Rose shared the advice she would give to a young person in foster care: "I would tell them that life is what you make it. You get to choose your path, even when you feel like you’re not in control of your life. You are so important and loved, you deserve to be heard. Your race, gender, sexual identity, or even grades do not define you. What defines you is the way you act and treat yourself and those around you. Do not allow yourself to drown in the surrounding negativity. Pick yourself up and take control of the life that has been given to you.”

Sommer-Rose’s greatest wish for her community is to come together in peace and to find love within and with each other. Her motivation for advocacy comes from her not so happy memories of bouncing around different homes and people. She has chosen to let her experiences motivate her to reach out to current and prospective foster parents, to educate them through her lived experience, and help to share different ways to support children that come into their homes. Sommer-Rose is also motivated by her forever family, who continue to show her so much love and support.

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