Slade Martin spent 14 years in Alaska's Foster Care System.

Slade Martin didn’t choose to be in foster care, but now he is choosing to play a part in reforming the foster care system. Slade is currently working towards certificate in Human Services and plans to pursue a career aimed at making sure other foster youth are being empowered. Slade has already done a lot of work to raise awareness by sharing his experiences during various public speaking events and through digital storytelling. He was recently elected as student body president at Job Corps for his leadership skills. He was also elected by his foster care peers to represent the South Central Region of Alaska. In the past, Slade has volunteered to train service animals and has been active in different political campaigns. In high school, Slade was active in drama, cheerleading, and a variety of clubs including the Gay Straight Alliance. According to one of Slades peers, “Slade is an incredibly resilient young man. He has overcome adversity and made out to be an amazing person.” The unique obstacles Slade has faced offer voice to a foster youth population that has distinctive and often unmet needs.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders