Sherina was given up for adoption at the age of 18 months. She was adopted, but at the age of 8 the adoption dissolved. Sherina was then moved nine times over the next three years until the age of 11. She stayed in this home until the age of 18, when Sherina emancipated. She volunteers her time speaking to potential foster parents about the foster care system from a youth perspective through the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC). She is also a proud member of the California Youth Connection Sherina says about her experience in care, “It was my aspiration to expand my knowledge, ability to learn new things quickly, and overall determination that allowed me to beat the statistics a former foster youth has to face. If I wasn’t put into the system at a young age living the experiences I went through, I don’t think the determination I have now would exist. Being a foster child has made me a strong person, determined to work hard for what I really want in life.” Sherina has received several awards for being involved with Americorps including the Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Award, Cultural Awareness Award, Family Violence Award and Active Citizens Award.
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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders