Shawna Conklin spent 3 years in Missouri’s foster care system.

Shawna was removed from her mother in 2008 for truency and placed with her uncle. She has spent three years in Missouri foster care system in the city of Joplin. Shawna has been in 7 different placements, and for Shawna, last is certainly not least - her current placement has been the most successful for Shawna She is currently in transition and is awaiting approval for Missouri’s transitional living program. In her free time she likes to volunteer at a local community center called the Children’s Haven. Shawna plans on going to college for a major of Ancient history as well as some classes in early childhood.
Shawna is a reader, a dreamer, a hoper... and a foster kid.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2011 All-Stars