Shawna B


20 Years Old


“I'm brilliant and resilient because I bounce back from every downfall and always come back on top. I do that by being there for others and advocating for change for my peers who are experiencing the system, or who have in the past.”

Shawna is an active leader in advocacy work for young people in foster care. She is a member of the Minnesota Youth Leadership Council, and has been involved in projects with FosterClub and Foster Advocates. Among Shawn’s numerous achievements are participating in panels and conferences, speaking at rallies, testifying before policymakers, and writing her insights about foster care for multiple publications.

Shawna is also an award-winning artist. She was part of a foster youth art gallery, and has served as a grant reviewer for arts councils in her community. Shawna graduated with a childcare and education certificate.

She plans to go to college and double-major in social work and psychology, with the goal to one day work in the child welfare field. Because her own foster care experience was so chaotic, Shawna is dedicated to sharing her story with stakeholders who can make necessary changes in the system.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2023 Outstanding Young Leaders