When Chio emancipated from foster care at age 18, he lived in a homeless shelter for more than six months before coming to First Place for Youth, a non-profit organization that houses emancipated foster youth.
He is a member of EYAB, where he works both on a team and individually to create and run programs, attend youth conferences, and work with the adults and youth in the community. Chio is passionate about giving back to his community and enjoys working with youth who have grown up in similar situations. He wants to educate others about the resources that are available to foster youth and those affiliated with foster youth.
In the future Chio hopes that he can outreach to youth and lift them up by being a motivational speaker and youth counselor. In addition to working for HEY he is also an employee at First Place for Youth, and attends Laney Community College in Oakland where he is pursuing a double major in social work and psychology.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders