Samantha spent 18 years in New York's foster care system.

Ms. Smith is a fierce advocate and recent graduate from John Jay College. She is highly involved in advocating for oppressed groups who are underrepresented in politics.
After eighteen years in the New York City foster care system, Samantha aged out. When her biological mother’s rights were terminated she knew that the cycle of fractured families had to END with her! Samantha is a dedicated advocate and spokesperson for youth in foster care and wishes to establish her own women’s empowerment organization. Samantha describes herself as a young activist working hard to change what is broken in the foster care system. She’s travelled to Albany, Washington DC, California, and Oregon in order to share her knowledge and experience while in foster care.

Samantha is currently employed as a Social Worker in an Elder Abuse Program to identify, eliminate, and prevent abuse. When Samantha is not working she enjoys jazz music, traveling, Buddhism and spending time with loved ones.