Samantha spent 18 years in New York's foster care system.

Samantha Smith is a fierce twenty-three year old residing in Brooklyn, New York. After eighteen years in the New York State foster care system, Samantha aged out. Miss Smith is currently finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. When her biological mother’s rights were terminated she knew that the cycle of fractured families had to END with her! Being abandoned by her biological parents was a struggle. In spite of the difficulties of her family and the system, Samantha is an advocate for young people in the child welfare system and wishes to advance her work as an activist and one day become a Child Life Specialist. One of her greatest strengths is her BRIGHT smile which reflects her authentic spirit and goodness. Throughout her journey in foster care Samantha always seemed to find matches to spark light in her dark world. The best thing that has happened in her life was finding April Dinwoodie. A kindred spirit, a best friend, a role model, a mother figure and someone who NEVER seems to fail her. One thing that sets Samantha apart is her generosity. Often, she puts helping others before taking care of herself.

Samantha is Fighter, a Dreamer, a Motivational Speaker, a Loving Aunt, and a Child that aged out of the Welfare System.