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Samantha Martell spent 6 years in Montana's Foster Care System

Samantha Martell and her two sisters were placed in foster care two years after her mother passed away and her father was not able to fill the void. Says Samantha about entering the system, “Foster care for me was a very positive experience. Coming from the life I did, foster care gave me a new life. I learned that I could be something important in life. Foster care changed my view on living forever.” Samantha also excels in music as both a singer and a clarinetist and has had opportunities to perform several solos at a local Music Festival. In addition to the numerous music awards she received throughout her high school career, Samatha was also a member of a National honors society her senior year. Another passion of Samantha’s is sports, as she enjoys both volleyball and basketball. Samantha really enjoyed leadership positions while in high school. She was the president of her class for 3 yrs, and held several other leadership positions along the way. When she’s not involved with school and extra-curricular activities, she is also involved in her community's church. She’s currently attending a Community College with a career goal of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. One of Samantha’s traits that has helped lead to her success is her positivity. “I’ve learned to be positive and know there is a better future and foster care is just a step to help you get there.”