Royce spent 9 years in Oregon's and Washington's foster care system. Royce entered foster care in Washington at the age of 2 due to his mother’s abuse. Royce and his younger sibling were placed in a temporary foster home for two years, then reluctantly returned to his biological mother by foster parents who wanted to adopt. After living in homeless shelters, several school changes, and near adoptions, Royce re-entered foster care at age 14. The next few years included a variety of unsuccessful placements. Royce has since found a family and a place to call home, yet remains in extended care. Basketball, Music, and constant supportive friendships and sibling relationships have been a mainstay in Royce's foster care experience. Royce is an active reader and enjoys writing. He is heavily involved in an organization known as Oregon Foster Youth Connection. Royce currently lives in a providing, loving, and permanent foster home while attending college. Royce is an athlete, writer, reader, activist, and yes….a foster kid.