Rosalina spent 12 years in California's foster care system.

Sometimes it feels like you are climbing up a mountain that is too steep and you don’t have the right shoes, every step you take forward you slide back two more”. This is how Rosalina (Rosie) Burton, a former foster youth of San Diego, California, describes her transition out of foster care at the age of 19. This tough transition, 23 different placements and the numerous school changes during her 12 years in foster care are why Rosie began advocating for foster youth. Now, 23 years old, Rosie enjoys working as a Mental Health worker at San Pasqual Academy, a residential facility for foster youth in San Diego County, and attending Palomar Community College. Rosie will obtain her Bachelors of Art and Masters in Social Work and/or Policy with a minor in communications.
Rosie is hard­working, determined, ambitious, and a foster youth.

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2015 All-Stars