Ridmi spent 6 years in Vermont's foster care system.

Ridmi Coe immigrated to the United States at a young age from Sri Lanka. She entered the foster care system at the age of twelve and remained in custody until she aged out as an adult. Her passion in life is to use her past experiences to improve the foster care system and the immigration system, not only for the youth in care, but for the professionals and other adults involved within the system. Ridmi volunteers as a youth advocate for the Justice for Children Task Force Board. Ridmi is also the co - chair of, Youth Emerging Successfully, a nonprofit organization focused primarily on youth aging out of the foster care system. On occasion, Ridmi participates in panels to speak to new foster parents, and social workers on what it’s truly like to be a foster kid. Ridmi’s passion for children and making a difference is evident to anyone that knows her. Ridmi is currently residing in Vermont, with her forever family and two dogs, two cats, and two geckos. She enjoys hiking, reading, traveling, listening to music, eating chocolate, and jumping out of airplanes.

Ridmi is compassionate, adventurous, empathetic, and a foster alumni.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2015 All-Stars