Renee Tate spent over 8 years in California's Foster Care System

Renee was in foster care for over 8 years. She was placed in 5 different homes until she moved to Palmdale to live with her eldest sister and her family of 4, along with two of my other older siblings who were also in foster care. She has been an emancipated youth as of June 2008.

Renee says of her time in care, “Being in foster care has played an integral role in shaping and developing my character and the person I am today. I can say that my experience with the foster care system has allowed me to be exposed to speaking up, communicating with adults, and being open with my peers about my situation and not ashamed of whom I am.”

Renee works at and currently attends UCLA and hopes to pursue a masters in either Social Work, Community Health, or Education. She would like a career will in some form of social work, whether directly with youth, or through education.

Renee is very involved with her church. She is currently a team leader for her church sound team, and has worked in the Middle School Ministry. Renee works with UCLA TIES for Families mentoring current and foster youth. She is a member of Bruin Guardian Scholars at UCLA for former foster youth in Higher Education.

Renee was a volunteer in the UCLA Volunteer day and helped freshman students do volunteer work at schools in the Greater Los Angeles Area. When not working, studying or volunteering, Renee likes to read, write poetry and listen to music.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2011 Outstanding Young Leaders