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Regina Austin spent 6 years in Arizona's Foster Care System

Maybe Regina Austin from Arizona learned the value of hope, perseverance, and respect during one of her mission trips to Brazil, El Salvador or Mexico. Or maybe she learned it volunteering to tutor young children in a group home. Or possibly she gained her strong values at school where she is currently earning an A as a National Honor Society high school student.

Her commitment to volunteerism is commendable, her dedication to education is incontestable and she is certainly a proud choice for a 2011 Outstanding Young Leader. Regina Austin has a stable foster home now, but it took her five years, a shelter and two group homes.

Through her unsettled teen years she managed to be the girl that others looked to for leadership in the group home. As an adult supporter who nominated her for recognition by FosterClub states, “She led by positive example and encouraged others to do well”. She continues to represent herself in The National Honor Society, The African American Association, The Arizona Youth Advisory Board, and TRIP/Upward Bound Program. In her future, Ms. Austin, sees herself becoming a psychologist and working with youth who are in foster care.

Mentoring children to appropriately interact with adults, be respectful and commit to service in the community is just some of how she intends to counsel her peers coming up through the foster care system. In addition to being awarded a FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader for 2011, Regina was awarded the Dorothy Finley Outstanding Teen Award 2011.