Rebecca Kinard, age 20, spent 2 years in Michigan’s Child Welfare system.

Rebecca’s foster care experience was, for the most part, a good experience. She had a loving foster family that made her feel like she was one of their own children. Their love and support helped her engage and do very well in school. She also received great support from her friends. Some challenges she experienced were being separated from siblings and having inconsistent caseworkers.  

Currently, Rebecca volunteers with the Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative - MYOI. She also volunteers on her campus, putting together the campus activities. She plans to graduate with a BA in social work and one day become a foster parent.  

“We are all broken, and it is up to us to turn those broken pieces into masterpieces.” ~ Derek Clark. Rebecca Kinard is passionate to create change and aspires to take her broken pieces and turn it into a masterpiece. 

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2019 Outstanding Young Leaders