Raquan spent 6 years in Maryland's foster care system.

Over the past six years, Raquan has endured foster care placements that were not the best fit but he has also experienced the satisfaction of finding a caring adult with whom he has developed respect, trust and love.

Raquan has committed himself and much of his energy and efforts to fulfilling his vision. He has been a youth leader for the past two years, serving on the State and Local Youth Advisory Boards where he is known to advocate and offer suggestions to improve the foster care system. He is a role model to his peers as he pursues full-time employment while completing the requirements to earn his high school diploma. Raquan is college bound and poised for a bright future as a professional Social Worker.

Quote: I give back because I want the youth who are younger in me and in the foster care system to have a much better experience in foster care then I did growing up.

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders