Ralph was placed in foster care at the age of four. After 4 placements, he stayed with a family who became his parents after they attained legal guardianship in 1996. Ralph has been Chairman of the Striving Black Brothers Coalition, President of the Black Student Union at Chabot College and President of Alameda County's Independent Living Skills Program Alumni Association. Ralph has assisted youth in obtaining employment, performed work at his church and read to youth at homeless shelters in San Francisco. Ralph has published two books of poetry and dedicates a lot of his time motivating youth in Oakland, letting them know that anything is possible. Ralph sits on the California Disproportionality Project core group board and has worked with Beyond Emancipation in rewriting and delivering the employment curriculum for ILSP classes. Recently Ralph lobbied in Sacramento on behalf of all who will be affected if THP+ and other child welfare cuts are implemented. He is a leader with a great passion in working with the foster care population.
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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders