Years in care: 12

Pearlie Massey is a young girl from Rochester, NY. She is currently a student at Buffalo State College, pursuing a major in social work. Social work has always been a passion of hers, yet she was encouraged to pursue a degree that pays more. As a first-generation college student, she didn't understand that college is for pursuing a career not a check. In spring of 2016, she finally changed her major to Social work, where she didn't only improve her GPA but enjoyed her classes and professors. Some of her favorite hobbies include fishing, writing poetry, and even working out. Her favorite animals are dogs, lions and turtles. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing soccer, spending time with family and going to church. Her faith plays a huge role in her character because it is the source of her strength. For 12 years, she was a slave to foster care and her only freedom was her spirituality. The only love she knew within those 12 years came from spirit-filled women and men, inspiring her to become filled with the same energy. Unfortunately, her voice and her strength didn't come from her social worker but from people who cared about her well-being and protecting her as a child. Therefore, she would like become a social worker, a social worker that listens and truly cares about the well-being of a child and their physical and emotional health.

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2017 All-Stars