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Oussama Djebli spent around 2 years in Colorado's Foster Care System. After aging out of foster care, Oussama worked very hard to secure stable housing and earn his GED. He has been working to provide for himself since the age of sixteen, but now is proudly completing his second semester of college. Throughout his hardships, Oussama has been involved in Colorado Youth Leadership Team in Denver. He sheds light onto the emotional experiences foster youth face as a youth panelist and has helped promote support services for youth through The Safe City Youth Summit. Oussama has helped cook Community Breakfasts for homeless youth and he also assisted in packing Thanksgiving dinner boxes for the underprivileged at the Denver Feed a Family even at times when his own needs went unmet. Oussama is still narrowing down what exactly he wants to do in the future, but shows a lot of promise in the areas of law enforcement and auto mechanics. His experiences in foster care and volunteering are bound to help him excel in whichever field he decides to pursue.