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Onchantho Am spent over 2 years in the Florida foster care system where she eventually aged out. At an early age she learned that life was filled with trials and tribulations that can seem endless. She found the courage to transform challenges to something more motivational, and sought refuge in her education and in helping others. One of her mentors once told her, "The best satisfaction in life is being able to help people and to know you have made an impact in their lives." Soon after, she found herself tutoring and volunteering in the local elementary and middle schools. During high school she worked with children as a math tutor and a library assistant. Upon graduating from high school, she attended the University of Florida where she earned a degree in Sociology in May 2008. For the past 2 years she has been involved with Connected by 25 Initiative, an organization that provides guidance and support for young adults aging out of the foster care system with training and technical assistance. This year she will be attending Stetson University College of Law. She is a great role model for others and for her beautiful daughter, Leilani. Onchantho is a full time staff in Connected by 25's technical assistance and training department. More information about Oncantho Read about Oncantho in the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative's article Opportunity Passport(tm) Participants Earn Top Higher Education Opportunities (link is external)




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