Nia D


22 Years Old 



“I believe that the fact that I continue to move forward focusing on helping others despite what I faced in the foster system and the disadvantages I've been dealt in life is what makes me resilient. The fact that I continue to reach out and look for new ways to advocate for others is what makes me brilliant.”

Nia spends most of her time advocating for young people in foster care and for people with disabilities by participating in local advocacy groups and community councils. She is working on a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, which she hopes to use in her future dream job of protecting foster kids and people with disabilities.

Nia’s time in foster care was difficult and full of disappointment. She firmly believes that the system needs better support, especially for youth with disabilities, to help them avoid the negative experiences she had. Despite the hardships, Nia worked hard to get back on track and begin advocating for herself.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2023 Outstanding Young Leaders