At the age of 16 Modia requested to be placed in foster care as she had no place to live. She entered care at age 17 and was placed in two foster homes. Modia has been actively involved in training child welfare staff and court workers since appointed chairperson of the Kansas Youth Advisory Council. She runs quarterly meetings, facilitated this year's strategic planning conference and is currently planning the summer youth conference. On 3/8/10, Modia and two other youth testified in front of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee at the state capital about their experiences in foster care. Modia was asked by several groups to present to their membership after hearing her speak at the Governor's Conference.

She also sits on a committee working with Casey Family Services to improve transition services in her state. Though Modia was in foster care for a short time compared to many other youth, she knows what needs to improve in her state's child welfare system because she listens to other youth's experiences. She attended the Destination Future Conference in 2008 and became determined to be a "Voice of youth in care". Modia mentors younger members of the Kansas Youth Advisory Council (KYAC) and takes her role as a mentor very seriously. She also participates in campus activities at Wichita State. Modia believes that in giving back to the community, this encourages other youth to do so.

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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders