Misty spent 6 years in Washington's foster care system. At age ten, Misty entered the foster care system, along with her two younger siblings. During the six years Misty was in care, she was placed in three different households, three schools and three towns. Although moving around wasn’t easy and took a major toll on her, Misty was able to meet many amazing people. At the age of sixteen, she was adopted by her beautiful and loving grandparents. Misty ultimately went through the type of adversity that she never thought existed. She challenged herself to overcome it and went on to receive her high school diploma in Colfax, Washington. Currently, Misty attends Washington State University and will be receiving her Bachelors in Communication in December of 2016. The next step in her life is to continue her journey through school to one day receive her Master’s in Social Work (MSW). Recognizing her past and the values she possesses because of it, her determination keeps her going. She is a loving, compassionate individual who plans to only be successful in everything she does. When it comes down to it, Misty is an athlete, fitness junky, outdoors lovin’, proud alumni of foster care. Last thing, GO COUGS! MISTY IS AN ATHLETE, FITNESS JUNKY, OUTDOORS LOVIN’, PROUD ALUMNI OF FOSTER CARE.