Miracle Negron, 24, Washington’s Foster Care System

Miracle was placed in kinship care at 5, followed by foster care at age 6. She experienced 8 placements, including kinship and adoptive care. She re-entered care at 16 and stayed in extended foster care for a couple of months after her 18th birthday. 

In college, she was involved in the Running Start program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She has served as a member Olympia Chapter leader on the Mockingbird Society for 6 years. Being a part of the chapter, she has facilitated training on teaching young people how to be their own best advocates. Whether that is telling their stories strategically, providing ideas on how to assist others, or giving explanations on how and why talking to legislators is important for enacting change. She graduated from The University of Washington in 2016, at 21 years old. 

Miracle hopes to go back to the University of Washington for her Master’s Degree within the next couple of years. She aspires to work with youth and young adults as part of her career. However, her goal is to become a foster parent for teens and young adults. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music (the 80s), playing basketball, and going on walks.

“By working with the community that helped raise me, I can help advocate change so the next generation can live a life they deserve.”

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders