Michelle spent 15 years in Oregon's foster care system.

Michelle spent a total of 15 years in state’s custody during her childhood. She struggled with moving during the 7 different placements, but focused on choir which was the only activity regularly accessible to her. Currently, Michelle serves as a leader for Oregon Foster Youth Connections where she started as a member four years ago and has been a Chapter Lead for two years. As leader for Foster Youth in Action, Michelle engages in legislative advocacy, helping two bills which benefit foster youth pass and is currently working on a third bill. She volunteers at the local library for and has shared her experiences through over 24 different foster youth panels, events and opportunities. Michelle will be the first person in her family to attend college where she plans to earn her teaching degree. Long term, Michelle sees herself having her own family and helping foster youth in anyway she can.
Quote: “I want children in care to have a better life and to have the things they need and want.”

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders