Michael F


23 Years Old 



“One thing I’d really like to change about foster care is placement instability. It is very stressful for youth to have to move constantly, and it makes it difficult to build meaningful connections and a support system.”

Michael knows first hand how life in foster care can impact a young person’s education. Placement instability made it impossible for Michael to graduate high school, so he got his G.E.D. and is currently attending college as a history major. He intends to pursue a Master’s degree in museum studies, and hopes to one day curate a museum, write a novel, and serve as a history researcher for a prestigious organization or university.

Michael works with the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children and with GA Empowerment, where he advocates for youth to have more stability in foster care. With these organizations he also works for better foster parent training, improved practices for dealing with troubled youth, and increasing the number of foster homes in his community.

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2023 Outstanding Young Leaders