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Mellissa Bobbie

Spent 9 years in Delaware's foster care system

Mellissa is a young and ambitious future social worker who spent 9 years in Delaware’s foster system. Her experiences in care motivated her to advocate for the well­being of all children in foster care. Throughout her scholastic career, Melissa acted on her passions and participated in an internship with the Court Appointed Special Advocates program (CASA), which helps to match volunteer advocates with youth in foster care. Currently, Mellissa holds down a part­time job all while pursuing her four­year degree at Delaware State University, full­time. Her goals don’t end with a four­year degree. Mellissa’s enthusiasm and invaluable insight have her headed towards a master’s degree in Social Work, and a promising career assisting our nation’s most vulnerable youth.


Biography written by FosterClub volunteer: Samantha Rogers
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