Matthew Lopez


23 years old

California Foster Care System 


Matthew is originally from Los Angeles California. He lived there for a good portion of my childhood. Currently he goes to Golden West Community College and have recently been accepted for transfer to Cal State Long Beach for a BS in Mechanical engineering. He spent a total of 3 years in foster care in Los Angeles. His time there taught him what it meant to have family. Not as those you were born too but those you grow to love. 

Most of his favorite thing to do revolve around being outdoors and with people. He loves to play basketball. But anything with some good competition tends to interest him. When He is feeling like getting some good food to eat his go to is always tacos al pastor or pizza. Those are a part of his  diet no matter the occasion. When times get tough he has a couple things that tend to help me through. One is exercise. He finds that a good workout can help you get through a slump of stress or when feeling a lacking motivation. Another thing is listening to calming music in a room lit with some candles. When it is crunch time with his school work he tends to do it in a room lit with a calm scented candle and light music in the background. 

His  biggest hope in this world is to help others, especially those that he can relate to on a very personal level through feelings and experiences. He has had many obstacles in his path as he has been on his journey with education. He has been to a 4 year university and back to a community college and back to another 4 year university all within a couple years’ time. Never in his  life did he think it would be this difficult to get where he has today. But no matter what the trial was he has overcame it. And we can. He feels that no matter what is the obstacle in our life never let something stop you from reaching your goals. The trial is but momentary, your triumph is forever. 

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2021 Outstanding Young Leaders