10 years in New York’s foster care system.

20 years old



Marie entered care the year of 2009, she lived in four different foster homes. Due to the law change allowing foster youth to opt-in care till the age of 21, Marie will be in foster care till the age of 21.


In Marie’s free time, she enjoys writing poetry capturing her personal experiences as an Afro-Caribbean woman. She uses poetry along with her faith in God as an outlet for healing. Those two coping skills come together to form the lenses in which she uses to see the world.


Marie is currently a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh, she majoring in English Writing Arts and English Literature with a minor in Africana Studies. As a Foster youth, Alcis believes that it is her duty to prove to her foster peers, they are capable of being successful in all that they do.


Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote is a brief synopsis of why Marie is now an All-Star.


Alcis’ goal is to obtain all the knowledge necessary on how to reach and support foster youth all across the U.S. One day she hopes to create a housing program on her college campus to support former foster youth college students who do not have a place to go on holidays.

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2019 All-Stars