Marcus was raised in care for sixteen and a half years, and eventually went on to emancipate from the system at age 17. After graduating high school, he got my AA degree at College of San Mateo where he took several classes in psychology and social studies. Marcus knew from a very young age that he wanted to somehow find a career in helping youth who were raised in care like me.

Marcus has been avidly involved in helping foster youth with the organization California Youth Connection (CYC). He helped be a part of the passing of California law AB12 in 2010, through going to the capitol in Sacramento with fellow foster youth and sharing his story with several senators. The AB12 law gives youth the option to stay in care until the age of 21. Although Marcus was above the age to benefit from this law, he says, “it was a blessing to have been able to help with the passing of the bill.”

Currently, Marcus works in Aviation at the San Francisco Airport in food production. Although I am not looking to further my education at this moment, I plan on one day finding a career that will allow me to be a asset in bettering the system and helping youth. In his free time, if Marcus isn’t outdoors or with friends, he is most likely daydreaming of a vacation. He loves being able to talk with youth about their hardships and how they overcame them. Marcus hopes to be more involved with his community as well and provide support when he can.

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2018 #FosterEquality Spokesperson