Marcella Middleton, spent 16 years in both the Colorado and North Carolina foster care systems.

Marcella initially entered foster care at the age of 4 due to her mother's drug and alcohol addictions and lack of parenting skills. Since entering care Marcella has had 13 foster care placements. Marcella's earlier years in foster care were very trying but throughout her last few years in care she has managed to turn things around for the better. Marcella currently attends The University of North Carolina at Pembroke where she is majoring in social work and minoring in psychology. Some of Marcella's future career plans would include becoming a youth counselor and building a group home for youth at-risk and any other youth in need. Marcella is an avid volunteer at the Pembroke Housing authority. Marcella is also one of two Co-chairs of the youth advocacy board called SAYSO (Strong able youth speaking out). In working with SAYSO and the Pembroke housing authority, Marcella enjoys working to help youth succeed in their dreams and goals. Marcella is a Leader, a Volunteer, an avid advocator, and a foster kid.

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2012 All-Stars