Malissa Meacham-Perryspent about 3 years in Virginia's Foster Care System

Malissa Meacham-Perry has an impressive resume for being only nineteen years old. During her last two years of high school, she was a member of the National Honor Society, Forensic Speech Team, Latin Club, Superintendent's Student Advisory Group on Education, and Model County Government, President of United Voices, and Vice President of Spirit Club.

She was chairwoman of the Underage Drinking Task Force in her county and was selected for the Board of Directors of the Substance Abuse Free Environment Committee. She graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA and even knows Latin! With Malissa’s demonstration of leadership in her community, it comes as no surprise that she is majoring in Political Science.

When not in the classroom, she is busy managing her University's men's basketball team. Upon graduating from college, Malissa plans to continue her life of service by joining the Peace Corps. Following the Peace Corps, Malissa hopes to attend Law school and practice either criminal or international law.

The breadth of Malissa’s experiences, paired with her determination to make a difference in the world, is an inspiration. Her ambition and ability to conquer any task she attempts tells me that she will be hearing much of Malissa’s successes in the future.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders