Malcolm entered the Minnesota foster care system when he was 10 years old.
Growing up in the foster care system, Malcolm went through many hardships and obstacles to get where he is today. After graduating high school with honors.

Malcolm’s goals are still ahead of him, he continues his post-secondary education at Hennepin Technical College where he hopes to major in Emergency Medical Services. Malcolm is considerate, strong, and reliable when it comes to his peers and others.

Malcolm attends a weekly foster care program that helps him learn independence, social responsibility, and money management. Malcolm is planning on moving out of his foster home to live on his own. His plans for the future are to start a family and find a place to live in his hometown of L.A. California, as well as be a first responder for a hospital working in ambulances.

“I like to give a voice to the foster children that can’t speak for themselves” -Malcolm Leal.

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2015 All-Stars