Luna Busch

6 years in Foster Care

21 years old


Luna Busch is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at UC Berkeley. After she graduates, Luna plans to pursue either a Master’s degree in Public Policy or enroll in law school to prepare her for a political career. Luna is an experienced leader whose roles include Vice President of Fundraising for Phi Theta Kappa, Director of Research and Recruitment for Model United Nations, and Vice President of Finance for Unit 3 Hall Association of UC Berkeley. Additionally, Luna served as Treasurer for Associated Students of Citrus College, where she also volunteered at the college’s foster office.

As a foster office volunteer, Luna created the Foster Awareness event, which helped students who had experienced foster care to learn about the various resources available to them, including financial aid and counseling, and taught students with no experience in foster care how to become Foster Allies to support their peers with system experience. Luna also launched the campus International Cultural Event, to help international students feel more welcomed, and the Friendship Event, which helped students connect with each other when classes moved online.

Luna was in foster care for six years. Her experience was full of challenges, and she became determined to rise above the statistics so she could help others avoid some of the things she went through while in foster care. It sparked her interest in public policy, and in becoming an advocate for youth in foster care. Luna’s resilience and resolve to pick herself back up whenever she got knocked down has shaped her into the person she is today.

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2022 Outstanding Young Leaders