Luke Fox spent 6 years in California's foster care system.

Before he was adopted, Luke Fox was moved between receiving centers, Non-Related Extended Family Member placements, foster homes, his biological mother's house, and Supervised Independent Living Placements. His entry into care was the direct result of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by his mother, a retired Child Protective Services (CPS) social worker and licensed foster parent. Even though Luke was removed from his mother's care and with evidence of abuse, his little sister was returned to his mother's custody. Uncovering a loophole in the law, Luke sought out lawyers and advocacy groups to write a three-pronged foster-sibling rights bill which is now enacted as law. Today all foster youth enjoy the right to maintain a relationship with their siblings, even after losing their parents to abuse.

Today, Luke is an advocate, consultant, presenter, and a student pursuing a degree in Sociology (Criminology) and Computer Science. He is the Special Projects Coordinator for the county's foster youth educational services and has cofounded several small businesses and nonprofits. He shared his journey of struggle to realization to hope on a TEDx stage. Having seen the foster care system from many angles, Luke understands the work needed to be done in order to have a fair and just foster care system for all.

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