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Lily was removed from her biological parent’s home at the age of 12, subsequently living in five different placements. She emancipated from the system at 18. Her life experiences have helped to shape a dynamic and accomplished leader. She has served as an intern for the Orphan Foundation of America, participated in AmeriCorps, authored articles in national newsletters, been a member of the California Youth Connection, acted as a mentor and tutor, served in student government at Berkeley and Yale, trained CASA and other child welfare professionals, volunteered in the recent election for President Obama’s campaign, raised money for various causes, and has been an active advocate in the political scene. “As a passionate child advocate I organized a group of former foster youth in the Orphan Foundation of America Intern America Program and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) to put together amendments for Senator Dodd’s office to review. Members of our group met with his and Senator Edward Kennedy’s staff on our proposals. These proposals included provisions that would require states to allow every child to have an attorney and provisions that would require states to track foster youth outcomes in the years after emancipation. The bill is yet to be authorized but we have had continual correspondence from Dodd’s office signaling that when it is authorized, it may contain one or more of our amendments.” Lily likes to present her poetry and is a member of the World Performance Poetry Group. She is also a current member of the Political Union. And Lily has a competitive side, evidenced by her membership in the Yale Women’s Football Rugby Club!




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Lily you're awesome!
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Lily, News travels fast! You were mentioned in CDF's newsletter too, that is awesome. Check out the article here
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Thank you
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There are five Foster/Adoptive kids in my resident and I encourage them daily, not to forget your past, but set goals and strive for the mark, They are achievers and strive daily to overcome adversities.LSM