Lilia Robinson spent 13 years in Tennessee's foster care system.

Lilia has been in and out of foster care since she was 5 years old. Currently, she is a sophomore in high school. Last year, Lilia had the opportunity to meet her younger brothers for the first time and see her dad for the first time in 9 years. Lilia attends Youth for Youth and Sisters Group. She earns good grades, purchased a car mainly on her own, and has maintained a steady job for almost a year now as part of a marketing team. She is active in her church community, participating in multiple trips and events. She plans on taking advantage of the Tennessee Promise to attend a community college. Lilia would like to go into the police academy and enter a career in law enforcement. Long term, she would like to work for the FBI and become a detective and have her own family.

Quote: It is important not to just take but to give. When you give back it's just the best feeling in the world. I want people who have gone through things like me to open their eyes and see what I see. I see a world we will only be in for a little bit so why not make it worth it.

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders