Lexi B


20 Years Old 



“I’d like to work toward foster youth having the ability to live their lives with dignity and joy, especially when compared to non-foster youth.”

Lexi is a Community Board Member with Foster Advocates, as well as a member of the Minnesota Promise Committee. She has had opportunities to share her story about life in foster care through speaking to the Minnesota Bar Association and by publishing an op-ed about generational trauma in the foster care system in Fostering Media Connections.

Lexi graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2022, and is looking forward to earning her Master’s in Public Policy. She wants to someday work in the foster care and/or juvenile justice space to uplift her community by engaging in public policy and mutual aid work. Currently, Lexi works to increase basic needs and food access to members of her community.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2023 Outstanding Young Leaders