Levi Massengale spent 11 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Levi was in foster care for 11 years before he was adopted at the age of 17. This has profoundly motivated him to educate foster parents on the importance of older youth finding a family who will adopt. He plans to finish high school and attend OSUIT and transfer to OSU to study physiology and become a therapist. He feels strongly about owning your own power to overcome adversity achieve your potential. Therapy had a profound life changing affect on Levi and he wants to work with foster youth and use his own experiences to help them improve their lives. Levi is active in the youth leadership board and sits on the youth panels. He likes to make connections and talk to prospective adoptive parents about his own experience. Levi is ready and willing to speak and volunteer for anything adoption related. Levi won a 2014 Oklahoma Heritage Scholarship tuition grant for UCO Edmond. 2014 he was awarded honorable mention for the Wilma Elizabeth McDonald Poetry Contest.