Lenys Ruelas spent 2 years in Arizona's foster care system.

Eighteen year old Lenys Ruelas served in the youth Tucson Fire fighter cadet program where he recieved an award for exemplifying leadership and dedication. More recentley Lenys has been working with Good Will Good Futures in Tucson, Arizona, where he has served as a role model for other youth in the program. His plans for the future include obtaining his EMT certification through Pima Community College. He will then pursue the Tucson Fire Fighter Cadet program to become a local fire fighter. Ultimately he plans to become an international wildfire fighter.

Lenys has been able to maintain his wonderful character and spirit of leadership in spite of spending a significant amount of time in foster care. His initial time in foster care included a year in several different foster homes and group homes. He eventally returned to his father’s care in Mexico, as his mother’s mental health disgnosis resulted in her being unable to care for him. After his father kicked him out of his home in Mexico, Lenys returned to Tucson and attempted to reside with his siter, but that did not work out. CPS again intervened as he was again without a guardian, and he was referred to the Arizona Young adult program. He has excelled in his time with a semi-independan group home, continuously striving to do well and better himself every day.

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2014 Outstanding Young Leaders