The hometown of Latosha P prides itself on it’s reputation of being “warm & friendly” and Latosha’s nominator for the Outstanding Young Leaders Award would agree that the town’s distinction has rubbed off on the 17-year old. Having spent time in 9 different foster homes during her 6 years in foster care, Latosha tries to take advantage of opportunities presented to her like the Chafee classes, where it is noticed that she is highly engaged. She also has found her voice to advocate for her needs and is seen as a leader in her school and Chafee classes. She also volunteers at a Head Start program whose vision is to work diligently for policy and institutional changes that ensure all vulnerable children and families have what they need to succeed. As for her future, Latosha plans to graduate high school and attend college where she would like to receive a degree to pursue a career as a Medical Examiner.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 Outstanding Young Leaders