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Latisha M has blossomed in her involvement with the Good Shepherd Services (GSS) organization. The organization is designed to connect vulnerable NYC youth to family, school and community with the intent of securing a safe passage to self-sufficiency. The first year Latisha was a Youth Ambassador at the GSS 1st Annual Youth Summit. Collaborating with other youth at GSS, she presented a fascinating and well-prepared project detailing the difficulties as well as the benefits of foster care. That participation seemed to inspire her to exercise considerable talents in support of the organization. For the 2nd Annual Youth Summit, Latisha was a Youth Ambassador as well as a Youth Leader for the entire event. She partnered with another youth in the agency to present ‘Breaking the Cycle,’ which focused on avoiding teen pregnancy and unhealthy relationships. She produced this segment of the program while also working with the team to organize, prepare, and ensure the success of the event. In addition, she was responsible for Youth Summit information services. The moment that highlighted her passion for GSS and their mission may have been when she introduced a featured speaker by relating a bit of her own experience in foster care—simply and firmly erasing many of the stereotypes that she knows exist. Latisha graduated from high school and currently works for El Al Airlines. Her dream is to work hard and save enough money to return to school to earn a degree in Psychology or Business/Management. Her ease with people and her sharp organizational skills clearly indicate that anything is possible for Latisha.