Lanitta Berry grew up having a passion for her peers and doing what was best for them. Lanitta got started doing advocacy work in 2015 with an organization called SaySo of North Carolina. During her advocacy career, she has worked on all 3 levels of government while also being able to volunteer each year and study business administration at UNC Charlotte.  Locally, Lanitta was a youth leader at Mecklenburg county and would advocate for things that her peers wanted and needed. Lanitta participated in statewide and national policy transformation when she was a board member at Sayso. She made sure that her peer's voices would be heard especially when influential government leaders were listening. Lanitta has received awards from significant organizations like Foster Youth in Action and the Black Women’s Caucus of Charlotte, Mecklenburg. In June 2019, Lanitta created a nonprofit called "At-Risk 4 Greatness" whose mission is to support and nurture the development of the community by analyzing and working to eliminate either potential or current threats that can hinder the people within those communities.