Kristie Wimbush spent 4 years in North Carolina's foster care system. At three weeks old, Kristie Wimbush entered foster care. Five years later, she was adopted by a loving mother. At seventeen years old, Kristie's adoptive mother passed away, and she was orphaned without support. Because of this, Kristie struggled with depression and homelessness. Although she was adopted, Kristie experienced many hardships that many other foster youth face including maintaining family connections and finding supportive adults. Overcoming her challenges, Kristie finished undergraduate and got her degree in Social Work. She is currently set to graduate from the University of South Carolina. Set to graduate with a Master's in Social Work this upcoming May. When she participated in the 2016 Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program, she was able to connect with her Congressional Member, who also happens to an alumni of North Carolina Central University, sharing her experiences and advocating with her peers! Kristie's ultimate goal is to work in the foster care system as a social worker and advocate for other foster and adoptive children.