Kimberly Moore spent 5 years in Ohio's foster care system.

Kimberly was 13 when she entered foster care with her sister. After one month she was moved to another placement, where she remained until she aged out during her junior year of high school. She is currently enrolled full time at Ohio University. She earned an Associates Degree with honors from Ohio Dominican University, has been a two time 4.0 Dean's list recipient and earned a Jack Donahue Scholarship award from Franklin County Children Services.
Kimberly is studying international business and business economics and she hopes to study abroad to gain cultured experience and awareness. Her goal is to work abroad as an international consultant or become an economic analyst in New York. Last summer, Kimberly participated in the Young Advocates Leadership Training program. She worked with young leaders strategizing how to prevent and reduce the occurrence of social injustices. Currently she volunteers with international students helping them with the English language and understanding American culture.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2015 Outstanding Young Leaders