At age eight, Kimberly, had to care for her younger sister who was just a baby, while her mother was out doing drugs. She was placed in foster care with the Snodgrass family from age 11-16 where she was then adopted. Kimberly did not attend school full-time until age 11. However, she caught up, excelled and graduated with honors and was involved in many clubs and was the president of MBA in high school. Kimberly currently attends University of California, Irvine. She is graduating from UCI with honors this May and has been admitted into Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her Masters degree will be in Education with a specialization in Risk and Prevention. Kimberly has always given back to her community in regards to motivational speeches to kids and forming clubs on Facebook. She has given speeches on behalf of foster youth and non-profit work. Kimberly has done research on foster youth and is a published author. Both of her books are directed to foster children. One is her life story and the other is a children's book that teaches kids feeling and days of the week. She has taught at three different schools, incorporating higher education with foster care awareness. Additionally, Kim has been an intern with Orangewood Children's Foundation. Kimberly's career plans include possibly opening a non-profit organization for foster youth.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders