Keyara Hargrove, age 18, spent time in Montanna’s Child Welfare system. 

Keyara first entered foster care at 6 years old. She had 6 foster placements, all of which she didn’t have a good experience. Her time in foster care she endured many challenges, some of which were a failed adoption due to abuse and sibling separation. To this day, she still fights for her right to see her sister.  

In Keyara’s spare time she enjoys skiing, horseback riding, and being a member of the student council. She also loves working at a horse barn where she assists with therapeutic riding lessons, training horses, and working with clients. A fun fact about Keyara is that she can do 97 pushups under a minute. 

Passionate about her future. Some of her goals include being the first in her family to graduate high school, attain her driver’s license, become a barrel racer, and someday soon attend Rocky Mountain College where she hopes to achieve a degree in Equine Assisted Therapy.

Keyara Hargrove is an advocate for children in foster care. She will fight, using her story and voice, for youth in care. In hopes, they don’t have to endure the hardships similar to her experience. 

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders