Kent Battiste spent 1 year in Louisiana's foster care system. Described as a born leader, Kent rises to every responsibility given to him. In leadership roles, he is able to understand objectives and moves forward to accomplish them. He communicates with colleagues in a very personable and understanding way, he manages situations like an expert, he is a hard worker, and he keeps his eyes on what he wants to accomplish. His activities confirm his leadership skills. He was Student Government Association Senior Class President in 2013 - 2014 at Southern University and A&M College. He was also Level 1 Representative at Southern University School of Nursing serving as liaison between students and administrators to express key concerns and activities. He was Student Nursing Association Member participant in the 2013 Congressional Youth Shadow Day (Washington, D.C.), and is a Committee Member for the Louisiana LGBTQ. With one placement in foster care in 2010 at the age of 17, Kent carries the experience with him as a positive force in his life. He describes his foster care parents as loving and caring individuals who took very good care of him and his sister. Kent characterizes them as an integral part of his development into adulthood, as they continue to support and encourage him. Kent's immediate goal is to graduate from Southern University and A&M College. His career goal is to become a registered nurse.