KeRon Williams spent over 9 years in Missouri foster care system.

A member of Chafee, Aging Out and the St. Louis Youth Board, as well as a volunteer for Epworth Children and Family Services, eighteen-year old Ke’Ron is a powerful advocate for youth in foster care. His caseworker describes him as “a truly caring, genuine young man. The type of person who can find good in everyone and always considers the feelings of others in everything he does.”

Whether he’s volunteering with the Children’s Ministry at the St. Louis Dream Center, participating in car wash fundraisers, or attending youth leadership conferences and tasks force meetings, Ke’Ron stands out as a great role model to his peers. As his caseworker writes; “Ke’Ron’s positive attitude, exemplary leadership skills, and enthusiasm [allow him] to be a positive advocate for foster youth, as well as others.”

Because of his accomplishments, Ke’Ron has received numerous awards including Excellent Volunteer and Fast Hands awards, as well as recognition for being the most enthusiastic participant in leadership camp.

Ke’Ron entered foster care at the age of nine, when his mother passed away, and has spent nine years in the Missouri foster care system. He’s lived with his current foster family, for the past two years, along with his twin brother and younger brother.

A soon-to-be member of the Marine Corps, Ke’Ron hopes to become a recruiter and pursue his interest in the criminal justice field. Ke’Ron will be leaving for boot camp December 3rd of this year!

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2013 Outstanding Young Leaders